Separating Data

You can separate the data stream into two or more identical parts by creating branches in the pipeline. You might want to do this if you need to perform multiple independent manipulations on the data stream (for example, show all of your data in one viewer, and only a subset of the data in another viewer).

The following figure shows a pipeline that separates data into two different viewers:  

To separate data:

  1. Determine where you want to separate data in the pipeline. In the above example, the output data from the reader component needs to be separated.
  2. Start the branch by adding another component to the pipeline (for example, add a Merge Data component).
  3. Connect it to the output port on the previous component.
  4. Add another component to the workspace (for example, add another merge component).
  5. Connect this new component to the existing pipeline. Click the output port on the source component and drag the pipe to the input port on the new component. (For example, click the output port on the reader and drag it to the input port on the newly added sort component.) The branch is created. You can continue to add components to your protocol as usual.
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