Sharing an XMLDB with Multiple Servers

A Pipeline Pilot compute server can connect with an XMLDB that is maintained on a separate server. This arrangement allows multiple servers to share a single XMLDB, so clients can share protocols across multiple sites. The computational servers can be situated at any number of sites, and each server can be configured to share a single XMLDB.

To provide this functionality, the computational servers that process protocol jobs at each site need to communicate with one server that hosts the XMLDB for all other servers.

With a shared XMLDB configuration, clients are only aware of the computational server where they run protocols. They have no information about the machine hosting the XMLDB.

The default for a standalone server installation is to use the XMLDB located on that local server.

To configure an XMLDB as a host for sharing:

1. Go to Setup > Server Configuration.
2. In XMLDB Endpoint, enter the SOAP endpoint for the XMLDB hosting server. (For a clustered deployment, reference the XMLDB service on the primary node of the cluster.)
3. Click Save.
4. Restart the server.
5. Repeat on each Pipeline Pilot server that should share this same XMLDB.

You can log onto each server remotely and perform this task. By default, each server is configured to permit remote logon (Setup > Server > Allow Remote Administration).

If you need to move an installation, do not manually move or delete any files in the XMLDB directory. For further details, see "Moving/Migrating an Installation" in the Pipeline Pilot Server Installation Guide.

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